14:30-14-45              Opening

Chair: Maria Assunta Navarra

1st Plenary Lecture
14:45-15:15              Hubert A. Gasteiger

Comparison of the Technical Challenges and Constraints for Battery vs. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Chair: Marta Da Pian

1st Oral Session

15:15-15:30              Francesca Soavi

From research to spinoff: a journey through battery innovation (VIDEO)

15:30-15:45              Arianna Massaro

Oxygen redox activity in P2-type layered oxides as high-energy cathode for Na-ion battery: new insights from first-principles (VIDEO)

15:45-16:00             Claudia Triolo

Doping-induced improvement of the electrochemical performance Fe2O3-based anodes for rechargeable sodium ion batteries (VIDEO)

16:00-16:30              Web Coffee Break

Chair: Paola Manini

2nd Oral Session

16:30-16:45             Ilaria Pucher

Progress and developments of Redox Flow Batteries (VIDEO)

16:45-17:00              Luca Guglielmero

Novel Metal-EDTA Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes for Redox Flow Batteries (VIDEO)

Chair: Silvia Gross

2nd Plenary Lecture

17:00-17:30              Silvia Bodoardo

Advanced Materials for high energy batteries: European vision and investments (VIDEO)

17:30-17:45              Closing Remarks